En ocasiones algunos detalles , de repente, se convierten en imprescindibles. A veces son auténticos objetos de culto de la historia de la decoración del último siglo. En otras ocasiones, se trata de sutiles detalles. Piezas que te enamoran desde que los conoces. Y el hallazgo de hoy es un magnífico ejemplo de esto último.

Le sac en papier (o the paper bag), una bolsa de papel absolutamente sencilla, con el interior de papel kraft y con el exterior grafiado con una tipografía ideal en dos idiomas, francés e inglés, uno a cada lado de la bolsa. Como espacio de almacenaje,o de papelera, puedes usarla  incluso como florero.

Sencillos objetos que son un must en deco y que tienen la estupenda cualidad de maravillarte desde que los ves. ¿Ya la conocías?

Sometimes small details are essential , you see them and  find you can not live without them , it is not know how you ever get to this point without them at home . Sometimes they are real objects of worship which require considerable investment , revered designers chairs , iconic pieces of decoration from the last century. Other times, they are more modest but no less important . Objects that amaze you from the first time you see them . And that ones are what I show you today .

Le sac en papier (or the paper bag) , a simple bag with kraft paper inside and the outside decorated with beautiful typography in two languages ​​, French and English, one on each side of the bag. If when you see, you think, for what I’m going to use it? , Give it a try and see that after some thought, you become one of their fans. To save anything for storing rolls of gift wrap or drawings , by way of paper ( if you want it dirty simply put inside a garbage bag ) or even as a vase . Wrinkled or completely smooth, either way , has become an object of desire and show of them are the hundreds of images to find where is the absolute protagonist .

Simple objects that are deco trend and have that great quality, amaze you , plus they have a thousand possibilities . Did you already know?

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Y tú, ¿la conocías?

And you, what do you think?Do you already know it or it has been a new deco discovery? In my case, occupies a place of honor on my wish list.

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